Who I Am


Hi! I’m Igor. I live in a tiny European country called Lithuania. In this blog I am going to cook the world inside and out and I won’t stop till I do that!


Looking back on my life it’s really amazing that I am starting this journey now. Only few years ago I wasn’t interested in food, hell, I didn’t even care what I was filling my stomach with. Food was just a fuel for my body. I am not even talking about cooking it. The old me would panic just from the thought of spending some time in the kitchen.

Then, something clicked in my head. I have a crystal-clear memory of the moment when it happened. My wife dragged me to this seafood restaurant in Barcelona during our honeymoon. It was the Paella. It was fantastic. My palate experienced something unlike anything before. Briny, aromatic mussels, perfectly tender squid, juicy, flavorful clams, huge meaty prawns, all topped with a king-size langoustine. I’ve seen these guys only on Animal Planet before and now here I am greedily shoveling them into my mouth.

It turned my world upside down. I have realized two things.

1) Food is not only a thing that gets your body going. Quoting my favorite food writer Tony Bourdain: “It can inspire, astonish, shock, excite, delight and impress”.

2) The world is full of unexplored dishes and unusual ingredients for me to taste.

I decided then and there that I want to travel the world trying meals from every cuisine around the globe.

However, there was one teeny-tiny little flaw in my plan – you actually do need money to travel.


I had to change my plan from traveling the planet and tasting meals to traveling the world through food in my own kitchen. Since then, I never looked back.

Over the last few years, I have learned many things in the kitchen and cooked meals from different parts of the world. I’ve created this blog to share my gained knowledge with you and to travel the planet through food together. I am sure – it will be an incredible journey!